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Medicare Supplement Rates

Medigap rates in Georgia vary widely from carrier to carrier. Savvy seniors shopping for Medicare supplement plans will find very little useful information. You can find general information similar to what is available on but finding Medigap rates  is almost impossible.

Online Medigap Rates

Some sites will allow you to view Medigap rates for a few select carriers such as BCBSGA, Mutual of Omaha and maybe Humana. All of these are quality carriers but their Medigap rates are usually not the lowest for your age or zip code.

To find the absolute lowest Medigap rates you need to request a personalized Medicare supplement rate quote from an experienced agent that knows all the best plans in Georgia.

All Plans Medicare Supplement Plans Are Identical

Did you know that all Medicare supplement plans with the same letter are identical? The only variance is the monthly premium you pay.

In spite of the sales pitch, one Medigap plan is not better than another as long as you are looking at plans with the same letter.

Medigap Plans Are Standardized

Medicare standardized all Medicare supplement plans a few years ago and assigned them letters to identify one plan from the next. In Georgia, you will find Medigap plans A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, N and Hi-F.

Medigap plan F is the most popular. It is also the most expensive.

It is common for agents and insurance carriers to simply present Medicare supplement plan F as your best option, or only option and never bother to tell you about other plans.

Medigap rates for plan F can vary by as 100%  or more from carrier to carrier. Why would you be willing to pay $200 for plan F when you can get the exact same plan from another carrier for $100?

And why pay $100 for Medicare supplement plan F when there are other options that can save you $200 - $300 per year in premiums with little or no additional risk?

Finding the Lowest Medigap Rates

It is not difficult to find the best value and the lowest Medigap rates if you are willing to engage the assistance of a Georgia agent.

An agent does not need to come to your home. A good agent will listen to your questions and offer advice based on YOUR needs and budget. You do not need to provide your personal information, including your Social Security number or Medicare claim number until you have selected a plan and are ready to apply.

When you pay more for your Medicare supplement plan you don't get more, you simply have paid too much.

Georgia Medicare Plans will show you the lowest Medigap rates in your area and help you find the plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Bob Vineyard is the owner and principle agent at Georgia Medicare Plans. He has resided in Georgia for over 30 years and has worked with all the major Medigap carriers in the state.

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